Let's Avishkaar #7 : How to Make a Humanoid Robot

Hello Makers!

I am back again with a new Robotics model.  Let's make a Humanoid Robot this time. This is an advanced model made from Avishkaar Robotronics Full and some additional accessories

Watched the video? Now lets get to making it! Follow these 17 steps to make your own Humanoid ! :)

Step 1:
Take a long rectangular plate, A long U, a motor, a wheel & a caster wheel & make a structure as shown in image.

Step 2 :
Make one more structure like the previous structure and add both with the help of a short rectangular plate as shown in image to create the base of the Humanoid.

Step 3 :
Now take four short L and add these all on the base. These will act like the legs of your Humanoid.

Step 4 :
Take a Long rectangular plate & fix it over the 4 short Ls

Step 5 :
Take 1 short rectangular plate &1 L Angle . Add both as in image below. Make 2 such structures.

Step 6 :
Now add both these structures over the long rectangular plate.

Step 7 :
Take 1 short U, 1 Big round gear, 1 square plate & 3 hole connector and make an assembly as shown below. 

Step 8 :
Take 1 motor, 1 short rectangle plate and 1 mini gear. Fix the motor to the square plate with axle lock using fillers & mini gear.

Step 9 :
Add the pieces made in Step 7 and Step 8  with one another as shown in image. This will act as 1 arm of your Humanoid. Make 1 more arm in similar way.

Step 10 :
Now add both arms to both sides of a Long L & the shoulders of your Humanoid are ready!

Step 11 :
Fix the shoulders to the base structure and you will find that your robot has started looking like a Humanoid.   

Step 12 :
Let's make the head of the Humanoid! Add 1 L angle, 1 square plate and 1 short rectangular plate as shown in the image below. 

Step 13 :
Take 2 flexible strip, bend them & connect them with a short U as shown in the image.

Step 14 :
Fix the structure made in Step 13 behind the head (made in Step 12) . Make the eyes & mouth with help of 2 small gears & 2 rack gears. You can fix the gears with help of 3 inch axle shaft as shown in the image

Step 15 :
Now attach a Long L to the back of the head of robot with the short U.

Step 16 :

Now mount that head over the body as shown in image & fix it with Nuts & Bolts.

Step 17 :

Attach the FULL Brain & connect motors with the brain & your humanoid is ready to run on your indication.

Incase you face any challenge while making this model, you can send in your query to us at mail@avishkaarbox.com. 

 would love to see how well you made this model. Share the pics with me at mail@avishkaarbox.com or on our Facebook page here.

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert 

3 days Robotronics Workshop

Avishkaar Robotronics Workshop is a compact workshop, in a 3 days or 5 days module, for school students. This workshop aims to provide an early launch pad for children into technology, especially in Schools where there is dearth of time and resources. Designed by curriculum experts at Avishkaar Box, this workshop also allows students to explore their potential in this field by conceiving the ideas and creating them in reality. 

Workshop held at Joseph and Mary School, Burari

It was the first exposure to Robotics for students of Joseph and Mary School. Starting from understanding elementary components like Robotics Brain, Remote, Cables, Motors, students went on to cover the intricacies of building a robot using Robotronics LITE and Robotronics FULL.

They then proceeded to have a session where the students applied what they learnt and attempted to build the bot. By the end of the workshop all the students had successfully developed their own Humanoid, Butler Robot and a Crane. To make things more interesting, a small league tournament was held between the students in tracks designed for these bots specifically.
The students loved and so did we. Looking forward to meet our next batch of enthusiastic and intelligent makers :)
Team Avishkaar Box 

IRC League International
Starts 18th October 2016. Register Now!

International Robotronics Challenge I School League 2016-17

There is nothing less amazing than to see how children can tackle the real world problems skilfully. International Robotronics Challenge (IRC) League , now entering its 7th year, is an International platform where students get to test waters and prove their mettle in this space through Robotics. 

Last 6 years have been an incredible journey for us with plethora of learnings and memories. Past IRCs have helped us make this challenge bigger and better. After organizing Internationals in USA and Singapore respectively since last 2 seasons, this year's International will be held at the land of Technology Superpower - CHINA!

IRC League 2016-17 will witness 13 Qualifiers all across India to choose the final 40 teams at the 3 levels for the Nationals to be held on 10th December 2016 at The Heritage School, Gurugram. The winners of the Nationals will get to win a sponsored trip abroad and compete with the International teams.

IRC League 2016-17 : #YouAreTheChange

Yes! That's the theme for this season. Because we believe any change starts with YOU and it's your persistence and grit that can help you in driving the change and accomplishing it. Students will work on solving real life problems gripping the world using their Robots.  Each team has to build 2 Robots and perform the defined tasks / solutions in a limited time on the arena. 

Challenge Levels
There are 3 different Levels in this challenge with 3 different theme based Problem statements 
  • Junior Level ( Grades IV - VI) : Journey to the Moon. View here 
  • Middle Level( Grades VII - IX) : Mission Save Trees. View Here
  • Senior Level ( Grades X - XIIi) : Project Waste Management . View Here

IRC Qualifiers Schedule : 
The first Qualifier will be held on 18th october 2016 at Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram. For complete schedule, click here

In any Qualifier, maximum 5 teams can register for any level from a single School. A team should consist of minimum 2 members and maximum 4.  Registration fee is 1600 INR. You can register your team online here 

IRC Kits:
Robots need to built from the Avishkaar Box IRC Kits only. One can purchase the kit from here. Free training is being provided for each Qualifier. 

This year, the most challenging part of the competition for students will be to figure out how to build Robots that can perform a multiple number of tasks in an efficient manner as time is limited.The students would have to go through 5 to 15 different prototype designs, analyze its pros and cons, and work out the details.

Good Luck to all the teams ! The IRC League Juggernaut is going to roll soon! 

Team IRC league

#YounInventors : Adeeb Al Blooshi

CNN has selected UAE's young inventor  Adeeb Al Blooshi, 10, as one of the world's eight most impressive young medical pioneers!  In its ‘Vital Signs’ programme, a monthly programme bringing viewers health stories from around the world, the CNN spoke about eight whiz-kids who will shape the future of medicine.

On the Dubai-based young mind, it said: ''It was a trip to the beach that sparked Adeeb Alblooshi's inventing career. When his father -- who had suffered from polio -- could not go swimming because of his prosthetic leg, Adeeb, then six, made him a waterproof alternative using an enhanced medical wax coating.

“Soon after, he created a small vibrating robot to help his mother clean small spaces. It wasn't long before the media, and subsequently the Dubai government, came calling.

''With the government's supervision and funding, he's come up with five more inventions since then, including a seat belt that monitors a passenger's heart rate and alerts the authorities when it's too high or low,'' the CNN report said.

''Since April, he's been on an international scientific tour with the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology, which has had him attending academic conferences, meeting with researchers, and even attending space camp at the US Space & Rocket Center in Alabama.''

"I've learned a lot, but most importantly, I'm having fun while doing it," he says.

Team Avishkaar Box

Lets Avishkaar #6 : How to make Robo-Oto

Hello Makers!

I am back again with a new Robotics model with the steering mechanism. This model is called Rob-Oto (Robotronics Auto) and can be made by Robotronics Lite or Robotronics Full kit.

Watch the video of ROB-OTO here:

Watched the video? Now lets get to making it! You can make this model in 8 steps only. Follow these steps and make your own ROB-OTO ! :)

Step 1:
Connect A long U with a short U by adding flexible strip at one side and make its pair and connect both with a Short Rectangle plate.

Step 2 :
Now connect 2 motors at both Short U side in center hole no 2 & attach wheel on both motors and fix with axle lock

Step 3 : 
Take a flexible strip bent from both the side as shown in figure and add a motor in middle, add 4 fillers & a small round gear and fix with an axle shaft.

Step 4 : 
Joint two 4 inches axle shaft with help of coupler and fix it in lower hole no 8.

Step 5 :
Now add 2 L angle with help of 3 three hole connector and add a square plate on both L- angle & add 1, 2 or 3 wheels with a 4 inch axle shaft middle hole of last row of square plates & fix with the axle locks.

Step 6 :
 Now take a 3 inch axle shaft and fix it in the 2nd 3 hole connector and lock it from the inner side.

Step 7 : 
Now add a flexible strip on hole no 4 of long U and fix it with that wheel set and insert a big round gear and lock with the axle lock.

Step 8:
Now install a FULL / LITE brain and connect wires. And your Rob-Oto is ready!

Incase you face any challenge while making this model, you can send in your query to us at support@avishkaarbox.com would love to see how well you made this model. Share the pics with me at mail@avishkaarbox.com or on our Facebook page here.

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert 

Robo race at MCS Corona 2016

Mount Carmel School Dwarka , in partnership with Avishkaar Box, organized Robo Race Competition at CORONA, their annual inter-school competition. At Corona 2016, schools from all over Dwarka battled it out to win the prestigious rolling trophy.  Around 1,200 students from 32 schools participated in various events conducted by the science, social science, english, hindi, dance, music, art and mathematics departments with fervor and enthusiasm.

The idea of a Robo Race was conceptualized by the Team WREC who've been a part of the Avishkaar Robotronics Club in their Schools since past many years. The Problem statement for this challenge provided a platform to students to showcase their potential. Their Robot had to be equipped to carry out certain tough tasks of walking on a rugged surface, climbing a certain height and passing through other hurdles.

Robo Race : Watch Video

Winner : 
Venkateshwar International School

Ist Runner Up : 
Mount carmel School, dwarka

IInd Runner Up : 
Dwarka International School

Congratulations to all the winning teams!

- Akshay
Team Avishkaar Box 

Lets Avishkaar #5 : How to make Drift Base Robot

Hello Makers!

In today's activity, I will take you through how to make a Drift Base Robot using Robotronics FULL kit.  Yes, a superfast Robot!  You can catch a glimpse of the Robot in action here.


Watched the video? Now I think you are eager to make your own Drift Base Robot! Ok, lets get started. Follow these 9 steps and your Drift Base Robot is ready! :)

1. First Take one long L and connect it with 4 short L at hole no 1,6,16 & 21 in R1 & R3 of long L.

2.  Now connect two motors with 2 short L by connecting motor nuts at hole no 3 & 4 of middle row.

3. Now add a Big spur gear to the motor shaft with help of a filler and secure it with a axle lock.

4.  Now connect  wheels  with help of 3 fillers, 2 axle shaft & 1 mini round gear as shown in image. 

5. Now connect two L angle, a flexi strip & a caster wheel as shown in image.

6.  Connect that L angle set with Long L at hole no 8 & 12 as shown image

7.  Establish brain on that connected L clip in hole no 2 & 6 of brain.

8. Now connect motors with brain.

9. Your Drift Base Robot is ready to run! 

Incase you face any challenge while making this model, you can send in your query to us at support@avishkaarbox.com

I would love to how well did you make this Robot. Share it with me at mail@avishkaarbox.com or on our Facebook page here.

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

- Akshay
Robotics Expert