Thankfulness Tree

A fun way to celebrate the things
Your family is thankful for this year.

List down the things for which your are thankful for in some way along with your child.  There is something about stopping to write down the blessings in your life that makes them that much sweeter and more appreciated. 

Now lets create a huge 6 foot tree out of torn and crumbled paper bag pieces near glass windows.  (As I’m sure you can guess from pictures, they really liked ripping and crumbing the brown paper!)  Then cut leaves out of scrap construction paper. 

Then along with your little one write things/people/places that you are thankful for on the leaves and taped them onto the tree.  There are no “rules” for the leaves, everyone can use as many as they wish for anything they are thankful for.  

The large presence of the tree in a main area in your house will bring gratitude to the forefront of your day.  Now you can sit with your family to read the leaves and talk about the things you are thankful for.    And seeing your kids answers will bring a smile to your face.

I hope you enjoy doing this project with your kids and make them understand the Importance of Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Avishkaar team
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