3D Paper Ball Ornament

These are made from 12 slotted flower shapes that fit together to form a sphere.

No adhesive needed; the only ingredient is paper. 

If you want to hang your ornament, you might like to add the string before assembling the ball. Place a piece of tape on the back of one flower so the hole wouldn't tear, then use a needle to pull string through, forming a loop on the front side. Also, secure the ends of the string on the back side with another piece of tape. 

Use the slits to join petals together. Keep adding shapes, connecting as you go, so that every petal is connected to another petal on a neighboring flower.

It might be helpful to think of the first piece as the "north pole," and then add a row of five flowers encircling it. At this point, the ball is half finished. Here's what it looks like upside-down.

Attach the next row of five flower shapes, and finally, add the "south pole" piece to finish the globe.

The colored balls are made from regular-weight computer paper  and the white balls are made with card-stock. The big sphere is the size of a basketball; the little one is approximately a baseball. And the medium-sized guy is maybe a large grapefruit. 

Short cut method:
Here is a template of which you may take print out of and cut by hand, too.

Download the PDF templates here:
Large ball (10")– print/cut 12 sheets
Medium ball (5")– print/cut 2 sheets
Small ball (3")– print/cut 1 sheet 

                               Have fun making 3D Balls!!

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