How to make??

Materials needed: Empty clean soup can, large box of crayons (25-30 for each can), glue dots, and ribbon.

Step 1:
Starting with an empty, clean soup can, adhere the crayons to the can using glue dots. Start in one spot and work your way all around the can. 

Step 2:
Your crayons should be held firmly in place by the glue dots. 

Step 3:
Add a bit of decorative ribbon and you are done! Easy, huh?

These crayon utensil holders are such a great idea for an art party, rainbow party, back-to-school, or just to make your kids’ craft area cute! They’re made using empty soup cans (upcycle alert!) and a large box of crayons. You could put utensils in them, as shown, or you could put in flowers to make a cute centerpiece. Filled with sugar, they’d make a great way to display lollipops or cake pops. Or, you could use them to hold paintbrushes or markers at your kids’ craft station. To make them into a teacher gift, you could fill a can with little goodies and package it up in a cello bag. The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy spending time with your kids!!

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