Holiday Math

Do you love to do fun holiday activities with your children. Do you like to bake cookies and do crafts and make gifts. Do you like to add a little educational fun in to the mix. Here are some fun holiday themed math activities you can do with your preschooler. 

Set out a tray with different colored silk poinsettias, some tongs, and a mini muffin tin. Your child can use the tongs to arrange the flowers in the muffin tin. Ask your child to arrange his/her's in patterns and in rows. Encourage your child to find different ways to organize and sort the flowers.

Gather different shapes and sizes of Christmas buttons and help your child to make a graph.  Place all of your items on a tray or in a shallow basket to help keep the activity together. Those jingle bells can roll away from you!

Adding and Subtracting
Or how about something sweeter?There's nothing to make math a little more jolly than marshmallows! For this activity you have to make several circles of different sizes. Each circle had a number on the inside. Now ask your child to count the appropriate numbers of marshmallows to place in each circle. Try to vary the activity by adding circles together or by subtracting marshmallows from on circle to place in the other. When your activities are all done, you can dump your marshmallows in to your steaming mugs of hot chocolate and drank it all up. Yum yum...:)

How do you keep your little ones excited about school when it's holiday time?
Try the activities above!!

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