If you and your kids like to fold paper and create something interesting then, here is the another one for you!!

What You’ll Need: 

1. 60 squares of paper ( 3″ x 3″ each)
    NOTE:  This 60 squares is for the 5 petal flower version. if you want 6             petals, plan accordingly with 72 pieces of paper

2. Craft glue or glue dots

3. Clothes pins (if you are working with craft glue, to hold the petals closed         while gluing) string, twine, ribbon, etc. to hold up the finished ball

4. Beads, bells, trinket for bottom of ball (optional)

How to do:

The tutorial is in two parts, the blue and the green. The previous/start is in blue, and the explaining fold is in green.

First, you’re going to fold your square paper diagonally in half, to make a triangle.

Keep the triangle base at the bottom. Then, from the middle, fold the outside right and left points up (to make a diamond shape).

Then, take the right and left points you just folded up, and fold it halfway out. (see my dotted line and arrow?) You make little wings, basically.

Next, open and flatten, or squash out your wings. Included is a picture of what it looks like from the other side.

There are two variations on this next part.

Next, take the little flap and fold it down even with the edge. You can either (LEFT SIDE OF PICTURE) fold it outside. This will show the contrasting color and produce 3 petals on the inside. You can also (RIGHT SIDE OF PICTURE/BIG PICTURE) fold it inside. This will not show the contrasting color and produce 1 petal on the inside. 

Then, fold the inside wings together, curve to make the petal, and glue. The easiest with kids is to stick a glue dot on it, but you can also use glue and clothespins to hold it shut.

Here are the differences in the petal variations.

The finished flowers! If you want alternating petal colors, you’re going to need six petals on your flower (see flower on right). Otherwise, five petals are fine (see flower on left).

These are really easy to make. Here are some made from scrapbook paper done by my preschooler and older son. I did the gluing of the petals together, while they folded the petals. You can see the petals aren't quite symmetrical, but it’s still beautiful.

So pretty!

To make the kusudama ball, you’ll need 12 flowers total, six for each side.

To hang the ball, I used twine. I put wooden beads at the bottom of it to make it look pretty.

The underside of half of the ball, with the twine glued into place.

Then, glue both sides together. Ta-dah! I think it looks like a happy, flowery, sun. 

Happy Crafting!

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