Paper Clip Bookmark

There are a lot of ways and designs to make bookmarks. The ones shown here are really easy to make and you can make these with your kids – you would need craft foam and a few paper clips to get started.

Step 1:
Take a paper clip – colorful ones are more fun…

Step 2:
Cut out a piece of foam in the chosen design. This one here is cut out using a flower punch.

Step 3:
Apply a little adhesive at the top of the clip

Step 4:
Attach the flower to the clip. Press for a few seconds.

Step 5:
Once the glue is dry, you can leave this as it is or you can embellish a bit.
                                                               A dot of glue at the center…

Step 6:
A small rhinestone is set.

Make these in different colors and give the lucky page of your book a dash of color and sparkle.
Enjoy this simple activity with your little one!

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