Sparkling Hearts

This Christmas decoration craft was quick and easy to prepare. 

Are your kids mad for glitter glue too???  

These hearts can be made in any festive colours. Which colours would you choose? 

You will need:

Cardboard tubes 
Utility knife or serrated bread knife 
Child friendly acrylic paint 
Small stapler or hot glue gun (optional) 
Glitter glue 

To make:

1. To prepare your hearts, cut a cardboard tube into 2cm widths with a utility knife or serrated bread knife. Fold each piece into a heart shape. To help hold the shape, I stapled the top of the heart closed but this is completely optional (a dob of glue from a hot glue gun inside the top of the heart would also work).

2. Paint the outside of each heart in your choice of festive colours with child friendly acrylic paint.

3. Decorate the outside of each heart with sequins, securing them with white craft glue (PVA).

4. Add dabs of glitter glue for an extra touch of Christmas sparkle.

5. Set aside until the glue is completely dried.

6. Thread a loop of cotton thread through each heart and hang on your Christmas tree.

Happy crafting!!

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