How to Raise the Next Zuckerberg...!

Some of the tech world's biggest successes began coding early!!

If you want to give your kid every opportunity to succeed, it’s hard to argue with teaching them to code. Some of the wealthiest and most influential people of our time began programming young, and who wouldn’t want that kind of future for our kids?

Deep into the digital age, the need for everyone to understand and learn programming is becoming more and more apparent. Learning to program has been relegated to summer camps and through programs that exist because of fundraising. Also now a days teachers are  using school time, school computers, and school funding to teach programming to every student.

And to start early: Programming is just writing in the language of computers, so why not teach kids to code like we teach them to read and  write?

"What we found was that it's not a lot of fun for kids to just program on a screen and keyboard. Kids become a lot more engaged when interacting with real world objects and robots that move, light up and make sounds. We're building a robot and a brain combination that teaches completely from the ground up and kids will be able to program it to move anywhere they want it to."

When you make learning fun and playful... kids tend to be more curious. If you are a mom concerned about choosing the right educational toys or a cool “tech dad”, who wants to help his kids gain knowledge through innovative learning gadgets, you should keep an eye on them.

And it doesn't matter which learning platform you use, just find a way to engage your child and teach them about computer and mobile programming.

It's the fyoooooooture.

"Technology surrounds us, and our children are growing up in a dramatically different world because of it. Yet, the tools our children use to learn, and toys they play with, haven't evolved. We owe it to our next generation to help them be creators with technology and not merely consumers of it. That's our mission." 

When are you starting Teaching code to kids...???

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