Valentine’s Day & Parental LOVE

Did you know that about 40 percent of the 180 million Valentine’s cards purchased this year are bought by parents?

It makes sense if you think about it. Our little ones, even when not so little anymore, live in our hearts. We want them to know it. Valentine’s Day gives us a reason to show it.

To nurture the heart and warmth of a family, the rituals around Valentine’s Day — actually saying and doing loving things for those we love — is something that we parents can and should do regularly. Little ones need a daily dose. Grown kids need reminders of our love less often but with just as much heartfelt emotion.

Yes, February 14 gives us all a special day to do things up in a big way. But kids who get daily deposits in their emotional bank accounts are kids who develop and sustain the resilience to manage the stresses of life. They are the kids most likely to have the emotional vocabulary necessary to make good romantic choices of their own someday. They become the adults who work through the rough spots in a good relationship and whose self-esteem in strong enough to avoid or get out of a bad one.

For Valentine’s Day, parents must show their love to their child in a special way. If you want to do something that you do not always do for your child. Here are a few suggestions for Valentine’s Day.

Ice cream - Most kids love ice cream. A suggestion for the parent is to buy ice cream for themselves and for the child or children. Then, eat the ice cream together. The child will see that you are spending time with him or her. Let the child know that the ice cream is for Valentine’s Day and the parent will want to remind the child that you loves them.
Movie - You may want to watch a movie with your child. Put the child’s favorite movie on and watch the movie with them. You cannot be up and working or busy doing other things. Spend time with the child watching his or her favorite movie for Valentine’s Day.
Game - If you want to spend time with your child and you are not sure how, the parent should ask the child if he or she would like to play a game. Spend time with the child by playing his or her favorite game.
Party - Maybe you have older children and you don't know how to say Happy Valentine’s Day to. You can hold a Valentine’s Day party for your child or children. You should decide if the party will just be for the family or whether the party will have guests not living in the home. The details should be told to the child when you announces having a party.
Stickers - Another favorite of children and young girl tweens is stickers. Parents can buy their child a pack of Valentine’s Day stickers. This type of gift will remind the child that it is Valentine’s Day when you celebrate love.
Balloons - Children love balloons. You can buy your child a balloon bouquet. A balloon bouquet lets a child know that you were thinking of him or her. Children associate with balloons more than they would flowers, so they would think their parents were being considerate sending balloons instead of flowers.
Time - The most valuable gift that a parent can give to their child is their time. The child will remember that you spent time with them and what they did. If you rarely spends time with the child, this is a truly exceptional gift.
Books - If you want to give an item to their child for Valentine’s Day a book makes a great gift. If the parent gives a gift that is not a toy, the child will not relate Valentine’s Day to toys and presents. Instead, the child will be more susceptible to the feelings and celebration of the holiday.
Toy - If you still want to give a toy for Valentine’s Day, then you should buy a small inexpensive toy. Giving toys for the holiday will only make your child expect gifts for the holidays. That is not a habit the parent or the child should partake in.
Regardless of what the you give to your child for Valentine’s Day, the child should be told that he or she is loved. Presents will not show the child how much you love them as much as a hug or being told “I LOVE YOU”.

<3 <3 <3 Happy Valentine's Day..<3 <3 <3

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