God Had a Plan

Janvi Sajnani,
Owner, Sri Kriti Boutique
I was asked my the Avishkaar Box team if I would want to share my Motherhood experience around Women’s Day. Their theme was I am a Woman. I am a Mother and since I am a mother of 2, I was the picked choice. 

I was skeptical initially but later thought it would be great to go back in the memory lane. I will make sincere efforts to be authentic here

Early Marriage:

My twenties were, in a nutshell, exhausting. I was a pampered  girl , excited with physical and emotional changes in her who was suddenly made to enter the wedlock by her Father.  I got married at the age of 21 in year 2001.

Living in a joint family brought in family responsibilities at an early age. For the happy young girl, the world became all about fulfilling expectations and keeping everyone happy while adjusting myself to the environment. In this complex state of mind, one fine day I came to know that a new life had started growing in me.

My First Child :
At the age of 22, I delivered a baby boy.  When you're pregnant, the most important thing on your mind, of course, is having a healthy baby. He was born healthy….but he died within 48 hours.

For most of the first few months I was in total shock. I cried myself to sleep and woke up in tears, hoping it was just a nightmare and I’d soon wake up. 
I guess God was kind on me. In 2003, she sent an angel is my life – my baby  Prathna. I had no idea how to bring up a child but life taught me. Motherhood is remarkably challenging, yet uniquely rewarding at the same time.

The intense connection between me and Prathna brought with it a new level of responsibility. In the beginning, even her basic survival was my responsibility.I loved  doing all those fun girly things together--playing with dolls, dancing, having heart-to-heart mother/daughter conversations, and doing all the classic (and cliched) things that are part of girlhood. 

Kabir in My Life :
Kabir, my son, came in 2006.  Nurturing a boy was totally different from raising up a girl.  I kept thinking about how I didn't know a single thing about boy stuff. Initially I worried would I be able to connect to a boy...or more aptly, that he wouldn't connect to me. 

But Kabir cuddles and pampers me more though Prathna has her own ways to show her love. In Kabir, I see a  reflection of his father. He is naughtier and socially more active.

 The beauty of Being a Mother

Motherhood made me realize that it is a 24 X 7 job that begins the moment your child is born and doesn't end until the day you leave this world. It doesn't cease when you go to sleep. You don't really get breaks, unless you have child care or help from a family member.  

In the myriad of all these responsibilities, I completely forgot myself. My life revolved around my kids and husband. My day schedule was all about taking care of my kids …their well being..school..food...homework... tuition...hobbies…time flew by and life moved on..

A Decade of Motherhood
It took me 10 years to wake up and realize I am still alive....I have a life to explore...No doubt my family is still my priority. But since I was married way too early, I missed out on a lot of things in life, which I have started enjoying in past few years.  The Luckiest one can get in a marriage is having a supportive husband. Prakash, my husband, has been my strength throughout. I was naive when I entered the wedlock but he stood by me at all times and constantly encourages me to live my life in the way I want.

Kabir and Prathna 

My energy and confidence in myself are back, and I'm honored and thrilled to be raising Kabir and Prathna. I love my family with all my heart. And my kids make me feel complete as a woman. Love you Prathna and Kabir. Grow up  and do great things in life. And thank you Prakash for everything :) I guess this was the plan of God for me

My Family :)
Happy Women's Day!

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