Have you filled the bucket?

Here's a bug you'll want your kid to catch: Happiness! 

If you look at the world through a child's eyes you cannot help but share the simple things that make them smile and laugh.  

How often has it happened that you may be not in one of your best moods or feeling drop dead tired but the sheer innocence of a child and their contagious smile has taken it all away..You may be walking on the road, hurrying people along as you need to buy things, to be stopped by a cry of glee of a child who’s just discovered a ladybird on top of a wall or is pointing out a funny shaped cloud in the sky?

Children take time to notice and delight in the odd and funny and beautiful things in life.  They smile and laugh more than adults do. A study shows that Children smile 400 times a day on average, adults 15 times. Children laugh 150 times a day,  adults 6 times per day. 

Perhaps we should take a leaf out of their books and stop to appreciate life's simple pleasures too?

20th March is Happiness Day and we, at Avishkaar Box, thought it would be fun to compile a list of #WhatMakesKidsHappy The simple pleasures that they enjoy and sprinkle them through illustrations on our Facebook Page. These are little things, and don’t really cost a thing (or not much, anyway), but they are tremendously satisfying. And no doubt, bring up a smile instantly.

To give you all some ideas of what we mean, and to spark other ideas of your own, here are few examples.
1.    Eating an Ice Cream
2.    Going out on Holidays
3.    A Hug from Mommy
4.    Watching Harry Potter

Waiting to hear from you!
Team Avishkaar Box 

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