How Wood Makes Programming a Play

Ever wondered how one can teach Programming through Wood? 

That’s what CODIGO does. An Avishkaar Box Product , it teaches programming to children of age 5 to 12 years through a wooden programming interface and a wooden Robot!

Why Programming For Kids?
Whether or not your child grows up to be the next Zuckerberg, programming is a highly useful skill for him or her to learn. It teaches vital problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills. Plus, it can be downright fun for you both :)

How CODIGO help Kids
CODIGO is a wooden playful tangible programming interface that introduces programming logic to children at pre-literate level. All the electronics are concealed inside the wooden boxes.

What comes in a CODIGO?

A fully assembled CODIGO play set comes with:
  • A Brain Box
  • Roby Jr. - the Robot
  • A Set of colourful and intuitive instruction Blocks
  • Goodies comprising of a Play Manual, an Arena , a hut and fences

  • Introducing Roby Jr.
We already had Robot – Roby Raja . So we chose to name this mini smiling Robot as Roby Jr. It’s quite an obedient robot which follows the command given in the Brain Box.

What happens in the Brain Box?
Brain Box
The Brain Box is a physical programming interface. Inside the Brain Box, Instructions Blocks are placed. When the RUN button is pressed, Roby Jr.  executes the instructions as per the arrangement of the Instruction Blocks.The Brain Box also has a Function Block for repeating a particular sequence.

Built inside the board is a circuit that can read the position of the blocks and transmit it to the Robot.

How to use Instruction Blocks?

Each block is a different color and represents a different programming command:

Green :  Forward 
Orange : Right 
Yellow : Left
Blue : Function Key ( used along with the Function Block)

Function block adds a little more complexity to the basic instruction set. As per the problem statement, make the sequence and see how beautifully your Roby Jr. will execute it.

What’s a Sequence?
The sequence is what children are basically playing with. By creating a "sequence" of instructions, , children learn the logical foundations of programming, necessary for more advanced coding later on in life. 

As per the problem statements given in the Play Manual, the sequence is created. For instance if you want the Roby to go 9 inch straight, then turn right and walk for 18 inches and again turn left. This would mean the following sequence:

1 Green Block -->1 Orange Block --> 2 Green Blocks -->1 Yellow Block 

Got it? This was an easy one! Let's come to complications

Mastering the "Function Block"

Blue Blocks is the Function key to be used along with the Function Block

For larger set of instructions and to build up longer patterns, a child can be made to use the Function Block. Fix a set of instructions in the Function Block and let the Roby Jr. repeat it as per the number of Function Key that you use.

Goodies for a Better Play Experience


CODIGO comes with a colourful Arena which serves multi fold purpose of not just being a platform for Roby Jr. to solve to reach the destination but also acts as an easy and interesting mode to teach the kid concepts on colours, distances and numbers. Along with Arena is an illustrated play manual with fun filled learning activities that kids can try on the arena using the hut and fences.

Skills Developed Through CODIGO

  • Problem Solving Abilities
  • Creativity and Intuition
  • An Eye for Discovery 
  • Concentration and Focus 
  • Logical Thinking
  • Supplements Academics

The Wood Behind 
All of CODIGO’s electronics are concealed inside wooden boxes, so from the child’s point of view they’re playing with the Instruction Blocks, a Brain Box and Roby Jr. But they get to see their program come to life as they make sequences to make Roby Jr. reach the destination. 

50 Pre-orders are already done even before the release! 
We will be starting shipping them from April 2014

You can book yours at The Avishkaar Box Shop Page

For more info on CODIGO, log on to the Box Of The Month

Team Avishkaar Box

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