7 things to learn from Kids

How Kids teach us Happiness

Happiness comes from within. Children show this better than anyone else. The way they burst into peals of laughter is something one cannot miss. Their cackle and their ever so cherubic smile can melt anyone’s heart.
Here are few ( just a few, there are a lot more!) which kids teach the adults through their presence
 1. Enjoy yourself and Enjoy life

Kids always play pranks and have fun. Their innocent pranks make us smile. They enjoy being themselves and spread happiness to the people around them. In the daily rush of activities, we forget to be ourselves. Only when we truly accept our life the way it is, will we learn to enjoy and that’s what kids teach us!

2. Live for the moment

Have you ever seen kids feeling bad about their past or worrying about the future? Probably not. They live for the moment. If you are unhappy now, just let it go with this moment and be happy from the next. Kids teach us how to make use of the present in the best possible way. Live in the moment. Live it fully.
3. Imagination and curiosity

Kids are generally curious. They want to know what is behind the fa├žade. They give keen attention to detail and sometimes ask questions, for which we may not have answers!Kids have really wild imagination. It is surprising because, from the little they see, they are able to imagine so much. Such is the power of their mind. A mind which is optimistic fosters bold and unconventional ideas. Another great thing we can learn from them.
4. Enthusiasm and Activeness

Being enthusiastic is another thing we can learn from them. The zest, the zeal and the verve with which they approach everything. Without enthusiasm and excitement, life does not have any charm. Kids don’t laze around, the way we do at times. They are physically very active, always up to something. It would be very good for our health if we could be active too.
5. To be free spirited

Kids are free spirits. They are impulsive. They have no inhibitions whatsoever. They say what they feel and they are very expressive. But we tend to start developing inhibitions as we grow older, just to fit into the mould cast by the society. Why are we depriving ourselves of the opportunity to express? Expression breeds creativity! Kids inspire us to be free and be ourselves!
6. Innocence

Innocence is a child’s best quality. Children have a very clear conscience. They trust anyone who is nice to them. They are too young to start thinking. They are candid and straightforward.  Although this doesn’t help always, it is actually good be non-judgemental and look at everyone the same way.
7. Affection

A kid can teach us a lot about affection. It will show affection towards people right from the time it starts to recognize them. Children care a lot for the people they consider are very close. Children love to socialize and share among their peers. It is an excellent quality they possess which acts a good reality check.
If we carry our childhood with us, we never actually grow older! :)
And we, through Avishkaar Box, intend to help the Parent explore the child in them along with the kids :)

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