Tips on how Working Parents can spend quality time with their children

1. Be Mentally Present with your child
   Sometimes we can be physically at home, but mentally, our minds are miles away, thinking about some problem we are having at the office. Children have an uncanny ability to sense whether we are really paying attention or not. 


One reason why we are so distracted is sometimes we bring home our stress from the outside world, So much so that when we’re with our children, we’re grumpy and angry and very much on edge. 

There are various things we can do after work to de-stress so that we’re in the right frame of mind. For example :

  • Exercise 
  • Gym
  • A brisk walk or a jog. 
For those stuck for long periods in a Traffic Jams could do things in the car that help them relax.For example:
  •  Listening to music
  • Talking to a friend. 
Some of the parents we know, once they arrive home, take a long hot, relaxing, bath before they do anything else

Whatever it takes, it is good to clear our minds and hearts of our work stresses, before we spend time with our kids. This way, we will find ourselves more patient, more cheerful, more giving and certainly more attentive to our children.

 2. Do ONE Educational Activity with your child each day

Many working parents feel guilty for not being able to contribute to the educational development of their children. The reality of course is that once they begin kindergarten/pre-school, a large part of the responsibility for educating our children will fall on schools and their teachers. That doesn’t mean that we play no role.

Helping them apply some of the basic skills they have learnt to their home life are among the things we can do as working parents to encourage and support what they’re learning in school.

  We believe that education is not limited to schooling. There are many learning activities we can do with our children that will help them acquire knowledge about the world and critical thinking and language skills. 

For example: 
To teach a child the science of trees and plants, you could spend 30 minutes in the garden helping them plant some seeds, and over time watching them grow. 
  And nothing beats just reading them good stories, and having conversations about these stories, to strengthen their language prowess.

These activities don’t take a long time, perhaps 20-30 minutes each and the goal should be to do one activity a day.

3.Do ONE Fun Activity with your child each day

   Fun and joy are an important part of our family lives. They help establish the emotional connection between parents and their children. They say a family that plays together stays together. 

Ask yourself, What are things both you and your child enjoy doing together?

Priyanka Sethi enjoys a short game of badminton with her 8 year old son in their garden every day. “We both enjoy playing and its good exercise for me as well.” Mrs. Seema jogs to the nearby playground with her two daughters every evening.

There are also indoor fun activities that parents can engage in. 
   Mr. Suri, an avid artist, spends evenings drawing and painting with his 7 year old daughter. Sameer Arora has jamming sessions with his 9 year old son who enjoys playing Guitar.
   As our child experiences our full attention, they draw from us whatever they need to learn, to strengthen, to grow and to develop their full potential.
   Tough. Is it? But Worth It. Always.  :)

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