Vibrant Button Tree on Canvas

Buttons aren't just for seamstresses you know. We always have a stash of buttons on hand for a variety of projects. Using them with kid’s crafts, they are great for dressing up little projects, and perfect for a quick embellishment. Buttons definitely have more uses than just fastening a blouse closed. Finishing button tree is a perfect example.   

Item required:-
  1. 20″x24″ wrapped canvas
  2. Pencil
  3. Different Button of various size
  4. Colors -- Black, Brass, Bright Copper and Gold Pearl
  5. Spray paint

Now pulled out the canvas and some pastel colored spray paints. Use light blue, spraying one end of the canvas. Then overlapped a bit with Robin’s Egg Blue, then some purple. After that sprayed the other end with pink, then over-sprayed with yellow. Then use just willy nilly sprayed some blue here, yellow there, purple here, keep the canvas to dry for about an hour.

Draw a simple tree trunk onto the canvas, sketching lightly with a pencil. Then drew 5 main branches, then added smaller branches off of those. Used a brown metallic finish paint to fill in the tree.

Use dimensional paints, chose the colors Black, Brass, Bright Copper and Gold Pearl. These paints come out in a nice steady stream and looked beautiful, adding a really nice dimension to the canvas.

Next chose some of the largest buttons in each of the button collections. Then use Rustic Coconut Shell (my favorites!), Sea Glass, Earthly, Vacation and Rose Garden. Just kept adding different sized and colored buttons everywhere, saving the tiniest buttons for the outer edges.

That’s it! A little spray paint for background effect, a simple tree drawing filled in with paint, some shimmering three dimensional paint, lots of beautiful colored buttons and some glue.

  • Enjoy building for your kids!!
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