What’s the right age for kids to learn Programming?

When should Kids Start Programming?

Last week, in one of the demos to Parents for our new Product Robby and Bonny, many of them raised a common( and a genuine) concern: 

Isn't it too early for my child to get into Programming?

A few parents informed us with great pride that they would want their children to be fluent programmers at an early age. Others pointed out that kids should learn to unplug — and not be glued to their iPads.

When the Avishkaar Box team began working on CODIGO, our new product that teaches kids as young as five programming fundamentals, we took a lot of time researching early childhood development

We found that kids begin to understand logic, three to five step commands, and the difference between reality and fantasy at the age of four. These are all important concepts for beginning to learn programming.

It is well known that the best age range to begin teaching children a second language is between 2 and 7. Children under the age of 7 acquire foreign languages extremely rapidly. So why not the computer vernacular?
Childhood and early adolescence are the critical age ranges for children to learn anything, including programming, because their brains are still developing and learning “how to learn.”

Before middle school, kids are free to use their imaginations and enjoy discovering new things with less resistance from their peers and the outside world. This is especially valuable for introducing programming to kids, because we can spark their interest before society has the opportunity to tell them that programming is nerdy or uncool.
Introducing kids to programming in early elementary is the best age range because it plants a seed for later in life.  If kids are taught to think logically and even computationally at a young age, they will be able to learn programming more easily in adulthood. 

Even if they don’t pursue a career in programming, the ability to understand basic programming concepts and think logically is invaluable.It helps with the brain development, math skills, logic and a great deal of other qualities.
And therefore we strongly feel that Robby and Bonny is the Avishkaar Box for young generation kids of 5 years and above who believe in exploring all the best things!
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