When my heart started walking outside my body

16 November 2008 : I couldn't believe when I caught her first glimpse…that was no time for humility… I was in awe that I could create something so amazing! THAT was my beautiful angel.. my daughter- Nandini :)

I was given the best promotion by her - she arrived in this world to promote me to the SUPREME role…that of a MOTHER :)  I had earlier heard that a mother shapes a child. She is one single person the child trusts from Day One. There are tremendous responsibilities on her shoulder and carrying a baby in her womb and giving birth is a tiny part of it. The day Nandini was born, I had no idea the journey ahead was not for the fainthearted.
Yes, I had a living person who was completely dependent on me for her living. My husband and my family had looked up to me for some things but here was someone who looked up to me for everything!

Describing the experience of motherhood would be very difficult. Words may not be able to capture the beauty of the moments. But if I have to pen down and write my thoughts on what Motherhood for me is,  these are my thoughts:

Being my child’s first introduction to this world is motherhood and that is very special.

Being a doctor, a teacher, a care giver,  a story teller, a joker, a cook, a friend, a toy and a warm place to sleep on , all together, to be able to raise an infant into a toddler solely on breastfeed is motherhood and that is very special.

Being responsible for right development of my child at the right time, being responsible for right exposure to the wonders of this world and preparing her for bigger social gatherings like school is motherhood and that is very special

My Angel - Nandini Aka Mithu :)
Being able to put everything on a second priority… relationship with husband and family, work, own self with the centre of the world being my little one…and the passion of making this world nothing but the best for her is motherhood and that is very special.

Being there when a tear is shed or a giggle is made and to let the little one know that she is the world to me is motherhood and that is very special.

Raising a child is definitely not easy. You are responsible for making of a future citizen of this society who can creatively contribute in betterment of this world. But, I believe there was a reason God choose women to do this job. :)

Cheers to all Mothers!
A Happy Women’s Day :)

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