Why aren’t our students doing better in Math and Science?

Why aren’t our students doing better in Math and Science?

Everyone from President Obama to Steve Jobs has weighed in on the topic in recent years—the former to pledge money to new education initiatives, and the latter to  praise China for their relative preponderance of  engineering talent

What is S.T.E.A.M?
STEM education includes every field under the umbrella of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—everything from chemistry to physics, software design to trigonometry. There is some debate in the STEM community about potentially including Arts in that lineup as a means of stressing creativity and innovation in these typically data-based fields. But we , at Avishkaar Box, believe Arts has its own place. Hence, the STEAM concept.

Let’s imagine that you’re going to build a tall, strong building. You’ve selected the perfect site, prepared the ground, and it’s time to start building. Where do you begin? You certainly don’t put the foundation on the 5th floor!!

So why should we wait until children are grow ups to begin engaging in STEAM activities? 

Students are incredibly active learners at an early age and we can start building their foundation in STEAM in the early School days! 

Honestly, STEAM is much more than an acronym. STEAM really is a philosophy
STEAM is a way of thinking about how educators at all levels—including parents—should be helping students integrate knowledge across disciplines, encouraging them to think in a more connected and holistic way

Traditional approach
STEAM Approach
Teaching topics in isolation
Investigate an idea in a variety of settings
Does not support the ways that children learn best.
Learn concepts in ways that are naturally engaging

Early childhood education should tap into children’s natural curiosity and give them ample opportunities to be active participants in their own learning. And that is the idea behind the STEAM Boxes. These boxes, delivered at the doorstep, every month, are aimed at not only giving hands on learning to the Kids from Grade 2 -5, but also to increase their application of the class concepts and to get an edge. 

Making STEAM education a priority is important, for our nation’s short and long-term future. From a purely economic standpoint, students would benefit from better STEAM  education because the fields are expanding more quickly than any other besides the health care industry.
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