10 Habits to strengthen the bond with your child

It's part of the job description as parents to guide our kids and keep them moving through the daily routine. All too often, that means setting limits, denying requests, correcting behavior.  Sometimes we're skillful enough that our child doesn't perceive our guidance as "negative."  

Life is busy, and you don't need one more thing for your to-do list. Instead, why not create a few daily habits that replenish your relationship account with your child?

Here are 10 things you can start doing today to build a closer relationship with your child :

#1 Take an extra minute to sit down with your kids at breakfast, asking what each one is looking forward to today.

#2 Turn off your phone and music when your child gets in the car with you and listen to their most and least favorite parts of the day.

#3 If you have 2 kids and they get into a fight, keep your sense of humor, listen to both kids without taking sides, and help them work out a win/win solution.

#4 Laugh at their jokes.

#5 Making playfulness a daily habit gives your child a chance to work through the anxieties that otherwise make them feel disconnected - and more likely to act out. 

#6 Welcome the emotions. Sure, it's inconvenient but your child needs to express their emotions or they'll drive their behavior.  So accept the meltdowns, don't let the anger trigger you, and welcome the tears and fears that always hide behind the anger.

#7 Spend fifteen minutes of special time with the child pouring your love into them. This habit alone can transform your relationship with your child. Let them be the director and tell you what to do.

#8 At dinner, ask an interesting question and give each child time to answer while everyone listens.

#9 Listen compassionately to their long story about troubles with others in class, without getting over-excited or jumping in to fix anything.

#10 Enjoy reading the bedtime story. Send them off to sleep with a sense that all is right in their world.

Time-consuming? Sure. Your child has only about 900 weeks of childhood. You can't do everything every day. But most of these practices don't add much time to your day; they just make it go more smoothly.  But if you do it every day for a bit, you'll find yourself doing it more and more. 

Because you'll find it creates those moments with your child that make your heart melt. :)

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