Because the CHANGE starts from YOU!

Wondering what can you do to SAVE our EARTH?
There are many things we can do to help reduce Pollution and Global Warming.

  • Use buses and trains instead of cars, as they can carry a lot more people in one journey. This cuts down the amount of pollution produced.

  • Walking or cycling whenever you can as it does not create any pollution! It will also be good for your body and keep it fit and healthy!

  • If your parents must use the car, ask them to avoid using it for very short journeys if possible, as this creates unnecessary pollution. 

  • Drive / Encourage others to drive more slowly as this produces less pollution and less carbon dioxide.
  • Most energy produced releases carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. As an individual, you can control the way in which you use that energy. Using less energy --> less production --> less Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere!

  • Turning off lights when they are not needed and not wasting electricity! 
  • Pollution formed indoors can be reduced by ensuring that all gas appliances are working correctly. 

  • Good ventilation will improve indoor air quality by dispersing biological pollutants like dust mite, and other pollutants such as cigarette smoke.

  • Most of the rubbish we throw away can be recycled, such as glass bottles and jars, steel and aluminium cans, plastic bottles and waste paper. Recycling used materials uses less energy than making new ones.

  • Composting fruit and vegetable waste reduces the amount of rubbish buried at rubbish dumps.

Share you ideas of how we can contribute in making a Green Planet!

Get to win exciting prizes too!

Let us return some balance to our planet this Earth Day

Together we CAN!

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