How to coach my Kid to be a Leader?

"Leadership is influence,” John C. Maxwell once concisely stated. 

Many parents dream that their little ones will grow into powerful influencers. While some children may have a little more confidence in themselves than others, it does not necessarily make them a leader. It has been proven countless times throughout history that anyone can learn to be a leader.  As a parent, you will play a huge part in whether your child is a leader or follower in life.

 #1  Nurture self-esteem by boosting your child's confidence through praise and compliments

#2 Promote independence. Give your child time to investigate curiosities, occupying herself  With toys, learning activities and outdoor play

Kids can learn leadership skills by watching and mimicking role models.

#3 Encourage empathy, kindness and group participation while on play 

#4 Turn your tot into a responsible leader and Mommy's little helper. Give her chores such as cleaning up toys, putting clothes in the hamper etc.

#5 Put your child`s ability to repeat everything you say and do to work by exhibiting desirable traits, even at your most trying of times

 # 6 Provide them with problem-solving activities and challenges. Introduce them to hands on learning activities and promote creative exploration!

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