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Learn to make a Basket from Newspaper

Materials needed to make these paper baskets are:-
1) Paper (newspaper, brown paper, colored paper, magazine paper... any kind of paper)
2) Anti-cutter,
3) Scissor,
4) Glue
5) Scotch tape,
6) Cardboard or thick paper.

Step 1: Paper strips

Use brown paper strips to make the baskets. At first, you have to cut the papers into strips of 1.5 inch width. Then fold them into half inch width and keep the length about 12 inches or more. Make as many as you can.
Step 2: Paper Basket - 1

First, take 16 strips and divide them into half. Lay out 8 strips vertically and 8 strips horizontally as shown in the first picture of this step. Tighten the weave carefully to make sure that all the sides are even. Now build up the sides. Take a strip and go around the sides as shown in the picture. Keep about half to 1 inch of the strip to fold at the end. While folding the remaining part of the strip use scotch tape or glue to make sure they don't come out. The square paper basket is ready! 

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