Avishkaar Robotics Camp - Technology is Tomorrow’s God!

Technology is Tomorrow’s God!  Avishkaar Robotics Camp provides an ideal pathway for introducing youngster to everyday technology and to enable them to understand how the things around them actually work!

Age Group : 8 years and above!

The 3 workshops held till now in Gurgaon and North Delhi has been fun engaging sessions with over 100 participants. The participants formed a team and worked on the Robotronics kits.

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The Robotic Trainers directed the children and helped them build the robots. The children demonstrated their work on the last day in front of their parents by racing their robots in a competition! Participants were also taught the basic programming and logical reasoning behind each step.
The mother of 10-year-old participant Rishabh, Shuchi, said, “Although schools coach students on subjects like music and dance these days, but technology-related activities are very less.”

They seemed enthusiastic and interactive throughout the session. Explaining how this workshop will help her child in future, 12-year-old Vaibhav Jain’s mother Kavita said, “This generation is completely dependent on technology and has a lot of scope to learn. Such activities help kids develop their mind.” At the end of the session, each participant was given a certificate.
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So this summer make your kids vacations memorable by giving your little geniuses a fun packed learning experience in Robotics! The next series of Workshop are going to be far more interesting as they shall be focused on training for the upcoming grand Robotics Challenge IRC Open League. starting from 2nd June! At 3 locations - North Delhi, South Delhi and Dwarka. For more details, (c) 8506931515 / 8505981515 or log on to http://avishkaarbox.com/workshops
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