My Mother - my maker!

When Swati asked me to write about my mother on Mother’s day, It gave me couple of sleepless nights. As not only writing does not come naturally to me but also writing about biggest influence in my life can be a little overwhelming. But – did’nt my mother taught me “Koshish karengey to ho jaayega :)”.

Last two days all the thirty five years of my life went by as flash back when I recalled what’s been my mother to me. She really has shaped me who I am as a person – all the good traits that I possess – Determination, Hard work, Happiness in frugality, Never Say Die attitude and Optimism (sorry! I am not being humble :)) are either the genetic traits that I got from her or she worked relentlessly to inculcate those in me. Ofcourse! I picked up anger and a bit of arrogance on my own :(.

My Mother's marriage picture

Ms Sushma Kapoor married my father at a young age of 21 and became Mrs. Kamal Bhalla. She was married from abject poverty to mediocre poverty – that was the story of pretty much every Punjabi refugee family from Pakistan. 

Abraham Lincoln had once said “Test of fire makes fine steel” – I think he was thinking of my mother's childhood - the only difference my mom is not that old :). On the family assembly line of bulb manufacturing unit, her job was to give shape to the bulb by heating it on the kitchen stove - when you grow up doing this, Determination ends up becoming a part of your DNA. She made sure that the family legacy on determination was continued - can you imagine getting a poem on Determination ("Kitni lambi raat ho fir bhi din to aayega...) - when you are going to US for studying? 

I mean I have seen aunties getting full-on emotional and insecure. But my mom - she was cool, calm and composed and asked me to make sure I do not get scared of change or run away from challenges. 
Tillu (me) with Sonu Papa (my naana) and Mummy

My mother and I joke sometimes as if God really had an entrepreneurial plan for her - can you buy it? for whole of her childhood she saw my Naana struggle with his company and once married - she helped my father establish his company and now its' my turn - the joke is Mithu will give her the fourth chance ;). Entrepreneurs end up making fun of the fact that money is scarce and cash flows unpredictable. They say the difference is mostly felt by the children of entrepreneurs but somehow she just made it happen for me. As a child, you get to know about your financial status mostly on your Birthdays - but she made sure with her amazing shahi paneer and Dal Makhni, no one would dare ask the question why no party in a Restaurant ;). (Yogita and I have picked up this trick from her :) for Mithu's birthday). Seeing all of this, I have learnt to be happy no matter what the financial status is :)

Another annual birthday affair with Tillu and Mummy 

If you have lived in any Punjabi neighborhood, you will be very well aware that aunties end up fighting with each other when the children fight. Well - the rule in our house was slightly different - either you sort it out with your adversary on the playground or you suck it up, but, if you come home crying - don't expect your mom to sort it out for you. The lesson (of being independent and not giving up) felt a little harsh at the time, but, hey! people who find me TOUGH, its my mom really. 

Tillu (grown up) with Mummy and Papa
Finally, I feel that I had the best childhood that anyone can get. If I can pull off inculcating 50% of the values (that my parents instilled in me) in my daughter, I will be very happy and proud. The reason that I am the luckiest person on Earth is because my mother is doing that job still for me (she is Nandini's mom as well). 

Mom - really thanks for every thing! for making who I am today and I know Nandini would be better than us because she has her own goodness apart from you by her side! 

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