Daddisms - typical things Indian Daddy Says!

All dads are the same. They have rules and regulations that we don’t understand and they have ideologies we don’t always agree too. But there’s something about Indian dads. They all have a set of dialogues and catch phrases that they love throwing at us whenever they get a chance. And sometimes they will even go to great lengths to say those takiya kalam lines to us at those chosen moments. :)

Here are few such typical Indian dad dialogues that all of us have heard at one point or the other.
#1  Aage ka kya socha hai? 
So what have you decided about your future?

# 2 Tumhare jitni facilities milti to main University me top karta!
 If I had all the facilities you had, I would have topped my university.

# 3 Tumhe ek baat samajhni hogi, tumhara baap ATM Machine nahi hai! 

 You got to understand that your Father is not an ATM machine.

#4 Ab ek aur shikayat nahi sunna chahta main!

I don’t want to hear any more complaints

#5 Ye restaurant ab waisa nahi raha! Mere zamane main yaha kya gazab ki khana banta tha! 

This restaurant is not the same any more, they used to make amazing food back then!

 #6 Paise pedh pe nahi ugte !
Money doesn't grow on trees

#7 Tum jab humari umar ke ho jaoge tab samjhoge !
You'll understand when you're older

#8 Beta mera ek hi sapna hai, bas IIT bharti ho jao!

 Son, I just have one dream I want you to fulfill... just get into IIT!

Now this one is the cherry on the cake!!

#9 Humare zamane mein… 

 In our times...

 Most conversations that start with this lead to a walk down memory lane... But hey! At the end of the day, our dads are our go-to problem-busters whenever we are faced with anything, big or small, in our lives. And just for that we love them with or without their typical phrases. :)

So what's the typical saying your dad throws at you? Leave us a comment & let us know! :)

Happy Father's Day!

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