What’s inside Series 2 Avishkaar Box for Class 1?

Avishkaar Box ( www.avishkaarbox.com) is a bundle of monthly theme based educational kits for children. The goal of Avishkaar Box is to kick-start a culture of innovation in India by completely over hauling how we approach supplemental learning.

STEAM Box is an education kit for Classes I and II which provides practical exposure to the concepts that kids study in school. All the Boxes have been carefully mapped with the respective class curriculum. These Boxes can be purchased as standalone kit or as a year-long subscription where you would get a new box every month.

We received overwhelming positive responses from many parents for our first set of Series 1 STEAM Boxes. How much their children enjoyed the activities. Many of them shared their pictures with us, with really adorable kids showing a lot of excitement! :)  

What’s inside Series 2 Avishkaar box for Class 1?

Series 2 : Theme for this Box :

It’s summer Holidays! This Month’s Box comes up with a lot of exploration activities and fun learning projects! Some of the main activities inside the box are :

1. Stack the Coins - an Exciting Board game where kids play with numbers and explore calculations. The Muddy Mushrooms, Spiny Cactus, Giant Plant and Happy Flower makes the game exciting for kids!

2. Place Value : This value game will help parents improve their kid's Math skills! Kid will learn about units such as tens, hundreds and thousands while enjoying fun and interactive challenges!

3. The 1 Minute Magical Tricks : The  box comes with 1 minute Science and Maths tricks which lets the parents become the magician for their child and make them wonder in WoW!

4. Make your Sun Dial : Parents get to gift their kids a clock! And a one made using the Sun! Ever wondered how ancient people used to figure out time? Get to know through this hands-on activity and make your own unique one!

5. Let's Avishkaar: Let your child join the Avishkaar Scientist Club! This featured activity will help parents to explore a mind blowing experiment with their kids and give them an exposure of Technology!

6. My Plant Book :  What better way to spend time on a weekend evening than by going on a plant hunt with your kids! A fun project for the kids, this activity will make kids explore and discover! Notice the child's joy on displaying their creative Plantbook! 
......and many more activities! 

How to get the Box?
A Single box comes at Rs. 999/- and there are super saver subscription options available as well.  Start treating yourself to some monthly learning fun time with your kids :)

To find more details / buy the Avishkaar Box, click here

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