Genesis of Avishkaar Box

It Started with a Dream :)

Tarun and Nandini
The journey of Avishkaar Box has genesis to my and Yogita’s quest to provide a good fulfilling childhood for our daughter Nandini. I was already running Building Blocks when the urge to provide a systematic path for Nandini to fall in love with Science (sorry! The engineer in me has no bounds ;)).
On the other hand, Yogita (who also runs SimplyLearnt) was spending close to two hours every day to prepare work sheets (that Nandini would complete in 10 minutes flat) either in Mathematics, English or general Logic Development.

We were struggling! 
Both of us had separate dreams and aspirations for our daughter. However, due to paucity of time and sometimes lack of expertise, we were struggling. We pretty much tried everything – right from talking to friends on suggestions, putting her into classes, searching on activities on the internet amongst many things. Nothing seemed to work - Science classes had to be dropped as they clashed with Skating (one physical activity was a must for couch potato :)), friends were pretty much in the same boat as us - had dreams but no concrete plan, Internet activities were decent but not thought through.
Bit by Bit we solved the challenges
Due to the nature of my business and Yogita’s inquisitiveness, we started creating small boxes along with worksheets that we would try with Nandini either after office hours or on the weekends. The time spent such was very fulfilling for both of us as it not only bettered Nandini’s aptitude in a quantified manner (as evaluated by Yogita’s worksheets) but also enabled us to feel good about ourselves.
Nandini with the boxes :)
Almost everyone has dreams!
Realizing that almost every parent has one or the other dream for their child, I created a small team out of Building Blocks to identify how can I help achieve the different dreams that parents have for their children – be it an interesting way to develop logical skills (codiGo), or working onto develop motor skills or creativity (RobotronicsLITE), or develop programming skills (Robotronics FULL).
Formally Launched Avishkaar Box 
Yogita chipped in with adding post experience activities (worksheets, additional usages etc) so that the parents and children can do more stuff once they get this box and move to advanced levels. This is how Avishkaar Box was born.
These boxes have been lapped up by a lot of parents and have had satisfactory experience wanting for more. However, the experimentation is still going on to make sure that the various dreams can be fulfilled by the ideas that Avishkaar Box provide J. As they say some dreams are too priceless to let go of!
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