My Dreams for my daughter Nandini (aka Mithu :))

In a post 3-Idiots world, its very risky to talk about your dreams for your children. People will not blink an eye before passing a judgment on you as someone enforcing your aspirations on your children. I, for one, have always thought of the middle road with everything that I do (ok! Self-promotion does not fall under that category ;)). Since this is very important for me, therefore, I will go ahead and talk about my dreams for Nandini.


The reflection of my dreams, for her, is ample in her name itself – Nandini. It means compassion but at the same time it’s a name of Goddess Durga. Although, I aspire her to have compassion towards one and all in the world, but, at the same I dream for her to have the courage and the confidence to face darkest realities of the world as well.  

Goddess Nandini

I dream not only happiness for her but also I want her to tread a path which has its share of thorns – as I know its only test of fire that makes fine steel. I promise to let her be independent when she falls and shall pray to God that she stands up on her own. I dream that she fights her own battles and not cow down because the adversary was very strong or times very oppressive. I dream that she stays on the side of right no matter how strong or lucrative the side of wrong is.

I want her to be proud of her Heritage, her forefathers but embrace the good that humanity has to offer anywhere in the world.  I dream that she goes out and travels the world and let it change her. I dream that despite being impacted by the world in every possible positive manner, she does not forget the goodness of our Mother country and contribute to its development.  

I dream that she finds her true calling in life. I dream that she takes her own sweet time in doing what she wants to do. But once she decides something that she wants to do, she does not care about time, place or tradition to do it. She should be not brash about her achievements, rather respects the self-doubts/anxiety and give them space on her journey.

I dream that she embraces her womanhood but not at the cost of inequality. I dream that she find people who respect her for who she is and give her space to be her completely and fully. Finally, I dream that her dreams are her own and nothing of my or Yogita’s making.

May God be with her to guide her in all her journeys of life!  
My Dreams for my daughter Nandini (aka Mithu :)) My Dreams for my daughter Nandini (aka Mithu :)) Reviewed by Avishkaar Box on 00:22 Rating: 5

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