Introducing Robby and Bonny!

It gives me great pleasure and happiness to introduce Robby and Bonny to the real world. Robby and Bonny - two Toy Robots are a culmination of lot of hard work from myself and the rest of my team at Avishkaar Box. We are very happy and satisfied the way they have panned out as we ran into loads of challenges in building them up. I will talk about all their details in the times to come, however, would start with giving them a basic introduction. 

Who is Robby? 
Robby is your young boy's first Toy Robot who will introduce him to the world of Science and Technology. He will ensure your child gets to learn the word logic, the terms like Sensors, Programs and all of this while he is playing a game where Robby can reach his home. 

Who is Bonny? 
Bonny is your young daughter's first Technology friend who will equip her to navigate through the maze of the world increasingly driven by Science and Technology. She will ensure that your daughter's vocabulary does not fall short when it comes to understanding sequences or to think about programming. 

In terms of its look and feel, both Robby and Bonny are just a brown box with some feature drawings on top of it. However, in terms of technology, it has everything right from a Micro-controller development board, a communication module, feedback mechanism on the wheels and a very intelligent firmware. 

Since, building and making them is always going to be a work in progress, we will be happy to incorporate any/all feedback that you may have for us - so keep writing in the comments below.


Chief misguided missile @ Avishkaar Box

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