Republic Day Teacher's Message: We should NOT make in India!

Yes! You heard it right! If you are a Teacher, Mother, Father or a Guardian. We should NOT make in India - lets leave this job to the Government of India, Minister of MSME and our absolutely Able Prime Minister. 

As Teachers, Mothers or Fathers, we should put all our energies in making the MAKERS in India. The first 60 years of India's Independence have been dominated by the British Legacy. As shared by Sugata Mitra, the Empire for its efficient running required efficient clerks. People who could take input and turn them into output without any questioning. The schools of the day were also designed to serve this purpose only i.e. to Design the clerks

This is the exact reason that most of us either grew up as Engineers or Doctors (mostly good for one task) - and not as Makers or Creators or Entrepreneurs (multi-taskers). It was fine till the time when we were growing up as the world was different then. Borders were sealed, Markets were closed, Competition Local and Industries Regulated - or in other words you get by without being Innovative. 

Look around yourself, the whole world has changed, Borders are Porous, Markets Open, Competition Global and Industries Competitive - or in other words environment is very Innovative. Do you think the same Education would suffice for our children now that was designed for the British Era? Don't you think memorizing the table of  thirteen or learning that Periodic Table is going to be of no USE. 

Don't you think our kids should spend more time in a LAB than in a class? 
Don't you think its okay if our children are CREATIVE rather than scoring a ten on Maths?
Don't you think the world of tomorrow requires our children to know more of Why than What? 
Don't you think our kids should DO more and mug up less? 
Don't you think our kids should be MAKERS and not just consumers! 

and yes this is my message to all the teachers, fathers and Mothers - let's make MAKERS IN INDIA and Make In India will happen on its OWN. 

Happy Republic Day! 

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