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We believe that a girl child is to be introduced to the world beyond a doll. There is one stereotype which must end- "A Girl has to be like a Doll". Let us see what does Charmie Kapoor-co-founder at India's First Yearbook making website- our Bonny Idol has to say on this

For someone who began with an A for 'Adobe', B for 'Branding'.... reaching 'Z' for 'Zaffingo' must have been exciting!

"Statistics show that women are better than men in business. So why not try to encourage more of these? Call me naive and idealistic, but I also think that when women are encouraged to start businesses, the world can become a better place.
I personally believe that no idea is too crazy and no goal is too big when you aspire to be an entrepreneur, you can dream as big as you want!

Here are a few reasons why I feel entrepreneurship should be encouraged in girls too -

1. Giving life to your ideas

How many times have you been a part of a conversation and someone says, "That's a great idea, you should take the initiative and make it a reality." What typically happens? Most of the time, nothing! Converting an idea into a reality is never an easy task. In fact, it's extremely difficult. I believe entrepreneurs are innovators.
As the old saying goes, "If it were easy - everyone would do it."They are the reason for bringing the thoughts, which were mere ideas to life. Many also aim to improve upon old ideas that no longer work in today's business environment. You can assemble a team of like-minded individuals that share your same drive and passion.

2. Learning priceless life skills

As an entrepreneur you are always learning lessons, be it the easy way or the hard way. The hurdles you face will provide you with an experience that you will not gain by simply reading or talking to people.

Every single decision that involves your business is your responsibility, from the initial concept and branding to the growth and goal setting. Leading a company and team members on a growth path is a huge challenge. It'll be one of the biggest challenges you will face. You are going to get hit and knocked down. Learning to take the punches and continuing to get up, turns you into a stronger business owner and individual.
And in the process, you develop important skills such as creativity, patience, dealing with failure and problem solving.

3. Creating your own little world

Gone are the days of long boring meetings .Now, if you are in a boring meeting, you have nobody to blame but yourself. Entrepreneurship can set you on the course for true personal power. Additionally, you get to create a corporate culture based on your beliefs. Want to allow your employees to work from home on Fridays? Go ahead! You get to develop the corporate culture that you believe will provide the best environment for success and excellence.
Till when will we sit around waiting for society to change? If you will not find peace in your life until your vision becomes a reality, entrepreneurship is for you my friend!".

Why do we need to change how we raise our daughters?

A lot of things have evolved in the way we raise our children. Be it the way we raise them or educate them to become responsible and confident. However, there is one thing which needs to be changed- a stereotype : A girl has to be like a doll. Just look around yourself and think!

How are we preparing our girl child for a progressive future?
Do we need to condition her mind to be a multi-tasker?
Do our toys give them an opportunity to explore their interests?

We did our research and found very few options available. And that's why we met Bonny !! ☺

A few Bonny Idols that we know of...

Chhavi Rajawat
First Female MBA Sarpanch. High flying executive who chose to be the Sarpanch of her village, Soda in Rajasthan.
Shradha Prasad
19 years old, Kerala girl Shradha Prasad is one step away from ticket to Mars. We wish her all the best!
Sheryl Sandberg
American technology executive, activist, and author. As of September 2014, she is the COO of Facebook.
Mary Kom
Indian boxer - 5-time World Amateur Boxing champion. The only woman boxer who won a medal in each one of the 6 world championships.
Katie Stagliano
Started an agro based buisness at 7. Has donated thousands of pounds of fresh produce to organizations helping people in need.
Saina Nehwal
Indian badminton player, who attained a career best ranking of 2 in December 2010 by Badminton World Federation.
Tashi Malik & Nungshi Malik
First twins to conquer the Seven Summits together (highest mountains of each of the continents). They inspire the girl child to dream and achieve whatever she wants.
Chitra Banerjee
Founder at India’s only multibrand certified used 2-Wheeler Online Showroom.
Kalpana Chawla
Born in Karnal, India. First Indian - American astronaut and first indian women in space.

Introduce your Bonny Idol- Submit your nominations below.

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