RivoKids Contest!

Tell us a feature of Robby and Bonny you like.
Why you would want to buy Robby and Bonny for your child?

★ Priyamvada Rao
I have a human Question Bank for my daughter. Despite all my efforts I often feel I fall short to completely hone her creativity and channelise her spatial intelligence well.
Robby & Bonny look like the perfect intelligent companions to keep her active mind fruitfully occupied and who knows we some day I might proudly display her Nobel Prize on my mantelpiece.

★ Keira Handa
Firstly i would like to say that this concept of Robby and Bonny roused me. Commendable work done by the developers of these two robots.There were many reasons why I would like to buy these robots for my children and if list them all here I think I would run out space , Still i tried my best to jot down points and make a gist of adavantages of these two sci-fi robos

1) They are wireless: This is one of the main reasons why someone would like to buy these robots, In this era of technology everything is going wireless and introducing this concept to robots was splendid idea.

2) They look charismatic: Even the parents would not be able to resist from playing with these two robots. The design and finishing of these two product is incredible.

3) Makes your child rational: Yes , I must say being a parent I was uncertain if my child was rational or not. This toy will help your child be more Coherent and think logically.

4) Brings technology to children: Why only we adults and teenagers have all the perks of new technology? This product will bring technology to your child and help him construe what science tries to impart.

There are many more perks of buying these robos which i would like to hear from other parents as well.

★ Eeshan
Eeshan, loves robotics. He has been taking a class on robotics and I have never seen him more enthusiased about anything else. While he is learning how to make a pulley and circuit in his class. Robby and Bonny, will take it a step further with the robot responding to his voice command. I can't wait to see that glee on his face when he gets his own Robby.
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