5 Reasons why people love Harry Potter!

Many have credited the series as a big part of their childhood, and fans and actors and J.K. Rowling herself shed many tears at this parting of ways. But the most successful children’s book series of all-time is not fading into the history books just yet, and here’s ten reasons why I think the magic will live on for a good few generations yet:


For a long time I’ve considered this to be the key to the success of Harry Potter, it’s certainly the reason that I love it so much. Whenever I cracked the spine of the next book, I’d be transported immediately to a setting I knew as well as my own home.
All other fantasy series, to my knowledge, are a journey. They cover vast landscapes and hostile terrains, but almost all of the Harry Potter series is set within the walls Hogwarts.
Granted, this is not the case for the final book, but the characters do return to fight the final battle in the rightful place, in the familiar hallways of a school that many of us spent our formative years wandering in awe.


Skinny kid with glasses, ginger kid from poor family, nerd. Harry,Ron and Hermione are the kids that get picked last in P.E. They are the chess club, the kids that stay in at lunchtime to help the teacher lay out pots of paint for the afternoon. And they are the ones that save the world. In the films they even grow up to become hot young things. Nothing is a better example of unlocking your hidden potential than when geeks become warriors.


Anyone who says they haven’t, at some point, wished Hogwarts was real is lying. If you have been reading them since childhood, you will know the slight disappointment you felt on your eleventh birthday when you didn’t get a wax-sealed envelope delivered by owl.
The idea of love potions, levitation and liquid luck being taught in a classroom like it’s the periodic table is quite, well…magical. And no matter how good video games and toys and television shows get, nothing will ever quite be as good as magic.

There is nothing quite like fighting the good fight, and Harry Potter is the story of a kid obsessed with triumphing over evil, whatever guise that comes in. The good characters never shoot to kill, always put the safety of others before their own, and are themselves protected by the power and strength of ‘love’.
This is not to say that they are not willing to bend a few rules for the greater good, or prone to a bit of revenge here and there, but primarily this is the story of the victory of the good guys over the bad guys; the Gryffindors over the Slytherins.


The Harry Potter series allows you to create your own whole world, full of magic and fantastical creatures (and yes, alright, a few Hollywood A-listers).
But mostly a personal, familiar, cosy world in your imagination that you can conjure up in a second’s notice, from the moment you turn over the first dog-eared page. And that is why I think that it will still be capturing the imaginations of kids not just ten years down the line, but for decades after that.

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