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As Indians, we are all aware about Republic Day. It comes on 26th January. It is to celebrate the patriotism ( so it is said!). But I am pretty sure not all know this is the 67th year of Republic Day celebrations. For some it is merely a National Holiday. For some, it is a day to spend some time with family and friends. And for many patriots, it’s time to feel proud of being an Indian again.

But how many of us know what REALLY happened on republic Day?

Republic day (celebrated on 26th January) is the day Indian Constitution came into force. The day chosen is a special one and we waited for 2 months after the constitution was enacted to declare it open on this day. We became a modern republic on 26th Jan 1950, on this day we declared Purna Swaraj or "Declaration of Independence" in Lahore on the banks of River Ravi. Within 6 weeks of this declaration, Mahatma Gandhi started the iconic Dandi march to start implementing the idea.  Thus 26th Jan is our first independence day
To commemorate the 67th Republic Day of India, we at Avishkaar Box, have come up with Indian by Heart Republic Day Quiz. Let's do a simple Q & A to test your IQ - Indian Quotient
  1. The Republic Day parade starts from ……. ? 
  2. What  is the official term to denote the closure of republic day celebration
  3. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by ...... ?
Intrigued to know the answers and try some more ? It would be interesting to see how much you know about your motherland India. The quiz is an easy with 10 simple Multiple choice Questions. The winners ( who get 10 out of 10) will get an EXCLUSIVE discount of 15% on all Avishkaar Box products. And not only this, lucky winners will get a FREE Avishkaar shirt!

Would love to have you all enthusiastically participate in the Quiz and celebrate.  To take the quiz, click here . Hope you score 10 on 10 :)

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Team Avishkaar Box

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