Lets Avishkaar #1 : How to Make a Robo Bike!

Hello Makers!

I am Akshay, your Robotics Expert from Team Avishkaar Box. From now on, I will be taking you through How to Make models using Robotronics Kits.  So in today's activity we will be making a Robo Bike using Robotronics FULL kitWhat's a Robo Bike? Catch a glimpse of the bike in action here.

Watched the video? Now let's get started to make this bike. Follow these 13 steps and your bike is ready! :)

Step 1 : 
Connect a short rectangular plate with 2 L angles on each side

Step 2 : 
Now connect 2 square plates with L angles connected with short rectangular plate.

Step 3: 
Connect motors on square plate in hole (3) of second row (R2) of square plate and connect wheels on shaft of motors.

Step 4:
Take 2 short U. Connect first one in Hole (4) and second one in Hole(8) of short rectangular plate in middle line and middle hole(7) and (9) of short U.

Step 5:
Connect short U with pieces of flexi strips in hole (3) of both short U's

Step 6:
Now on another end of short U connect a piece of flexi strip 91). Connect a motor in the last hole of piece of flexi strip (2)

Step 7 :
Now with 2 Flexi strips on each side connect 2 L angles with each other.

Step 8:
Now bend 1 flexi strip by leaving 3 holes to make a U tyre structure. Connect 3 hole connectors on it (1) (2) to support the front structure of Bike.

Step 9:
Now on another end of Flexi strips, fix a wheel with Fillers and axle lock

Step 10
Now fix this structure from 3 Hole connectors in the shaft of motor and lock with axle lock at the top

Step 11:
Now with the help of 2L angles , make a U structure and connect at the rear side to connect Brain (1) and (2)

Step 12
Now, make the handle of Bike using axle shaft ( 5 Inch) and secure it with 3 fillers and lock with couplers on each side.

Step 13
Connect the motors with Brain and then connect the controller

Your Robo Bike is ready!

Incase you face any challenge while making this model, you can send in your query to us at [email protected] I would love to see your well you made this model. Share the pics with me at [email protected] or on our Facebook page here.

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert 

Lets Avishkaar #1 : How to Make a Robo Bike! Lets Avishkaar #1 : How to Make a Robo Bike! Reviewed by Avishkaar Box on 04:08 Rating: 5

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