Awesome Avishkaar Photo Contest

"A picture speaks a thousand words"

True. Isn't it? Yes, it can neither explain nor elaborate the beauty of the elements in it's entirety but can definitely give a glimpse of what's in store. Robots too are beautiful in many ways, and we want to see how you can capture its splendour. That's the idea behind the Awesome Avishkaar Box Contest.

How to enter the Contest?

Winning Prize
The winner will get an Avishkaar certificate and an  exclusive SR 1.0 series Brain! Watch the Preview Video

Contest Guidelines
  • Entrant can be anyone submitting the Robot’s photo made from Avishkaar Box kits.
  • The contestant should caption their Robot’s Photo and talk about the key features of their robot in 2 -3 lines. For example: How is your Robot is unique, what all it can do. Make sure it is catchy as that will fetch you votes!
  • Contest ends on 30th June 2016 at 12 PM.

Photography Rules
  • Borders, frames, special filters, text and signatures are not allowed.
  • Photographs should be taken with a plain background.
  • A contestant can submit maximum 2 entries – though the models should be different.
  • Avishkaar Box reserves the right to remove any pictures from the contest that are deemed unsuitable.

Judgement / Prizes
  • Only entries which have met the Format and Submission criteria outlined above will be eligible for the contest
  • An exclusive SR 1.0 series brain will be awarded as the grand prize to the participant whose photo wins the maximum votes.
  • An honourable mention prize will also be awarded to the most innovative and unique Model photograph. The honourable mention prize will be declared once the contest ends.
  • Winners' names will be announced on the Avishkaar Box website and social media channels.

Team Avishkaar Box

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