Launching Robo G 2.2 Programming Software!

Our product development team had been working tirelessly on this project since last few months. Robo G 2.2 is a completely new and easy to use user interface.We know you had been looking forward to use this new software with your Robotronics FULL kit. So here we it is.

Key features of Robo G 2.2
  • It is more stable and faster than Robo G 2.1.
  • Now you can double click a block to place it in the logic area.
  • Now you can delete and insert blocks in logic.
  • You can enter block values without opening any new windows or dialog boxes.
  • Code generation will happen in run time.
  • Now do more in less time, programming logic is shorter and more precise.
Advance Motor Block
While Forever
  • New blocks "While Forever" and "Advance Motor Block" have been added.
  • You can pass value to functions.
  • Now you can comment/uncomment programming blocks.
  • Better compilation error feedback to user.
  • Now you can insert blocks above a block.
Insert block above a block

  • You'll be able to open a program directly by clicking on .robog2 file on your disk.
  • Automatic updates: With automatic updates no need to worry about missing on an update anymore, we will download and install updates for you.

You can find more about the new software on the following links:
  1. Click Here to know how to Install Robo G 2.2. 
  2. Click Here for an overview of Robo G 2.2.

For any query/support, you can connect with us:

Email -

Team Avishkaar Box

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