Avishkaar Robotics Zone at We Love Summer Camp, Ambience Malls

Bonny at Ambience Mall
'We Love Summer' was a 10 day camp by Ambience Malls {both Gurgaon and Vasant Kunj} to create a fun platform for the kids during summer vacation. With its plethora of activities, it provided the perfect opportunity for kids who wanted to either hone their existing skills or pick up some new ones.
In order to engage children with technology, Avishkaar Robotics Zone was set up by Avishkaar Box. This Zone intended to expand the kids’ creative thinking while offering them and their families a great time, full of education, fun and excitement. Constructing and functioning the Robots kept the children engaged and entertained, all the while helping them learn something useful. It was a great experience for us interacting with so many students and parents and touching to see the overwhelming response. Out of all the activities at the Camp, Robotics Zone was a hit amongst all. Thank you for all your love and support. It means a lot to us:)

What parents say about Avishkaar Robotics Zone?

Shekhar Gujral
"Great way to enhance the creativity and imaginative skills for children"
Sujata Ghosh
" This (Robotics) is a great way to understand science concepts in a fun manner"
Abhinav Jain
" It's really awesome. Happy to see my child engaged."

Innovators at work at the Robotics Zone :)

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Reviewed by Avishkaar Box on 20:27 Rating: 5

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