Fun with Bots this summer!

Summers are on and so is the heat!

But summer vacation also means that children can continue their learning and exploration process outside the scope of the classroom. Isn't it? Their creative spirits can take flight over the summer even as their curiosity leads them to new activities they would never so far have engaged in.

Perhaps they will discover a new hobby that later turns into a routine, the possibilities really are limitless when it comes to keeping them occupied and interested.  

Avishkaar Robotronics Camp held at British Council Library, Delhi was for all the Science and Maths whizzes out there! Such robotics and technology programs are an exceptional opportunity for students to embrace Programming and Technology.
Avishkaar Robotronics Camp at British Council Library

The camp was based on hands on learning, loosely structured to allow students the freedom to explore and learn while making friends and having fun. In this summer camp, they spent almost a week understanding the parts of a Robot, learnt about the concepts that make the robot function and designed their own as well using the Avishkaar Box kits. 

Children first got an introduction to Mechanical Designing followed by Programming. This batch comprised of energetic and enthusiastic kids who were quick learners. You can find more pics of the camp here

We are now gearing up for our Annual Robotronics Challenge - IRC Open League 2016! :)

Team Avishkaar Box

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