Lets Avishkaar #3: How to make a Folding crane with pulley

Hello Makers!

Last time we had made Robo Craft. Today we will be making "Folding Crane With Pulley " made using Robotronics FULL kit. This can also be made by Robotronics  LITE Kit.  You can get an overview of this model by watching this video.

Watched this video ? Now let's get started to make this model. Follow these 12 steps and your Folding Crane With Pulley  is ready.

Step 1 :
Take a square plate and connect 2 L-Angle on the both side.

Step 2 : 
Now a short rectangle and a square plate should be connected as shown in image.

Step 3 :
Now add a motor to the right side of this frame on the short rectangle plate by inserting axle in hole no 3 of 1st lower row.

Step 4 :
Now add a axle shaft with a micro  gear with help of coupler

Step 5 :
Now add a 5 inch axle shaft with 2 micro gear & 1 big round gear as shown in figure.

Step 6 :
Now take two Long U & Big round gear and connect on the hole no 1 & 3 of long U.

Step 7 :
Now connect both the arm with an axle shaft so that it should be connected to micro gear.

Step 8 :
 Now to make arm of pulley crane connect a long U & short U with help of 3 coupler like this & also add a hook.

Step 9 : 
Now connect this joint long U part to both long U on hole no 6 from another end.

Step 10 :
Now add a motor on the square plate by inserting shaft at hole no 4 in the lower 2nd row.

Step 11 :
Now take a wheel, remove its belt & connect it to the first hole of square plate with an axle shaft so that thread will pass through the wheel.

Step 12:
 Your Folding Crane With Pulley  is ready to use!

Incase you face any challenge while making this model, you can send in your query to us at [email protected]  . I would love to see how well you made this model. Share the pics with me at [email protected] or on our Facebook page here.

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert 
Team AvishkaarBox

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