Lets Avishkaar #2 : How to make a Robo Craft

Hello Makers!

Last time, we learnt How to make a Robo Bike. In today's activity, we shall make a Robo Craft!  Catch a glimpse of the craft in action here.

Now let's get started to make this RoboCraft. Follow these 15 steps and your craft is ready! 

Step 1 :
Take a square plate and add four L angle at all the four sides of the square plate.

Step 2 :
Again add two more square plates with 2 L angles.

Step 3 :
 Attach 4 flexi strips with that added square plate. Fix Upper flexi strip on both the square plate by adding nut & Bolt at hole no 1 & 5 of row 1 and fix lower flexi strip at the hole no 1 of same square plate from row 5.

Step 4 :
Now fix all four flexi strips by connecting three hole connectors by leaving last hole of lower flexi strip & connect last hole of both the lower flexi strips with the help of one spacer, 4 fillers and a medium spur gear to give a beautiful look to tail of your craft.

Step 5 :
Now connect 2 long rectangle plate with two remaining L Angle at hole no 8 & 12 of 2nd row and cockpit of your craft is ready.

Step 6 :
  Now install a motor in the center of square plate and screw it with motor nuts.

Step 7 : 
Take 2 Short U and fix it on any of the long rectangular plates at hole no 6 of column 1 and column 5 and do same from another side of the long rectangular plate.

Step 8 :
 Now add a square plate on the each Short U by fixing nuts and bolts on the hole no 2 & 4 of the first row.

Step 9 :
Fix motor on each square plate by inserting motor shaft in hole no 3 of the 4th row and fix it by motor nuts.

Step 10 :
Now attach wheel to the shafts of both motor with single filler and secure it with axle lock.

Step 11 :
Now fold a flexi strip at hole no 1,5,13 & 17 once each and add a caster wheel with flexi in the hole no 10 and Now fix this flexi strip on both of short u at hole no 8.

Step 12 :
Take 2 flexi strips, bend all at the hole no 3 of from both side and fix it with the help of three hole connector from both sides on the middle hole of flexi strips.

Step 13 :
Now fix this joint flexi strips with the motor shaft of cockpit motor with 3 fillers and secure it by an axle lock.

Step 14 :
Place a full Brain between the both Short U and Flexi strip and fix it at hole no 4 of the brain.

Step 15 :
Now connect motors with the brain by connecting cable.

And your Robo Craft is ready!!

Incase you face any challenge while making this model, you can send in your query to us at [email protected] . I  would love to see how well you made this model. Share the pics with me at [email protected] or on our Facebook page here.

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert 
Team AvishkaarBox

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