Lets Avishkaar #6 : How to make Robo-Oto

Hello Makers!

I am back again with a new Robotics model with the steering mechanism. This model is called Rob-Oto (Robotronics Auto) and can be made by Robotronics Lite or Robotronics Full kit.

Watch the video of ROB-OTO here:

Watched the video? Now lets get to making it! You can make this model in 8 steps only. Follow these steps and make your own ROB-OTO ! :)

Step 1:
Connect A long U with a short U by adding flexible strip at one side and make its pair and connect both with a Short Rectangle plate.

Step 2 :
Now connect 2 motors at both Short U side in center hole no 2 & attach wheel on both motors and fix with axle lock

Step 3 : 
Take a flexible strip bent from both the side as shown in figure and add a motor in middle, add 4 fillers & a small round gear and fix with an axle shaft.

Step 4 : 
Joint two 4 inches axle shaft with help of coupler and fix it in lower hole no 8.

Step 5 :
Now add 2 L angle with help of 3 three hole connector and add a square plate on both L- angle & add 1, 2 or 3 wheels with a 4 inch axle shaft middle hole of last row of square plates & fix with the axle locks.

Step 6 :
 Now take a 3 inch axle shaft and fix it in the 2nd 3 hole connector and lock it from the inner side.

Step 7 : 
Now add a flexible strip on hole no 4 of long U and fix it with that wheel set and insert a big round gear and lock with the axle lock.

Step 8:
Now install a FULL / LITE brain and connect wires. And your Rob-Oto is ready!

Incase you face any challenge while making this model, you can send in your query to us at [email protected] would love to see how well you made this model. Share the pics with me at [email protected] or on our Facebook page here.

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert 
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