Lets Avishkaar #4 : How to make Tractor Robot

Hello Makers!

I hope you remember, Last time we had made Folding crane with pulley  In today's activity, I have a new Robotics Model for you - A Tractor Robot made using Robotronics Lite kit

You can get an overview of this model by watching this video.

Watched this video ? Now let's get started to make this model. Follow these 8 steps and your Tractor Robot is ready! 

1. 1. Take 2 Short L and attach them with 2 flexible strips in the first & second last hole and add two rack gears as shown in the figure.

2. While fixing flexible strips with both short L, take care the way in which that nuts & bolts has been fixed and now add 2 motors in both the short L in lower hole no. 3fix it with motor nuts,insert wheel & secure them by axle lock.

3.   Now take a long U and attach an L-angle on one end of the Long U.

4.    Now attach a motor on the L angle by inserting motor shaft in the middle hole and now insert 2 fillers and a small round gear to the shaft & secure it with the axle lock.

5. Now attach this long U with the rack gear frame as shown in the image.

 6.  Now attach 2 square plate in the second end of Long U and attach two wheels there with the help of 5” axle & axle lock.

7.   Now add an Avishkaar brain to the head of your robot with help of 2 piece of flexible strips and connect the connecting wires.

8. Now you robot is ready to move!

Incase you face any challenge while making this model, you can send in your query to us at [email protected]I would love to see how well you made this model. Share it with me at [email protected] or on our Facebook page here.

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert 

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