3 days Robotronics Workshop

Avishkaar Robotronics Workshop is a compact workshop, in a 3 days or 5 days module, for school students. This workshop aims to provide an early launch pad for children into technology, especially in Schools where there is dearth of time and resources. Designed by curriculum experts at Avishkaar Box, this workshop also allows students to explore their potential in this field by conceiving the ideas and creating them in reality. 

Workshop held at Joseph and Mary School, Burari

It was the first exposure to Robotics for students of Joseph and Mary School. Starting from understanding elementary components like Robotics Brain, Remote, Cables, Motors, students went on to cover the intricacies of building a robot using Robotronics LITE and Robotronics FULL.

They then proceeded to have a session where the students applied what they learnt and attempted to build the bot. By the end of the workshop all the students had successfully developed their own Humanoid, Butler Robot and a Crane. To make things more interesting, a small league tournament was held between the students in tracks designed for these bots specifically.
The students loved and so did we. Looking forward to meet our next batch of enthusiastic and intelligent makers :)
Swati Gupta
Team Avishkaar Box 

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