Let's Avishkaar #7 : How to Make a Humanoid Robot

Hello Makers!

I am back again with a new Robotics model.  Let's make a Humanoid Robot this time. This is an advanced model made from Avishkaar Robotronics Full and some additional accessories

Watched the video? Now lets get to making it! Follow these 17 steps to make your own Humanoid ! :)

Step 1:
Take a long rectangular plate, A long U, a motor, a wheel & a caster wheel & make a structure as shown in image.

Step 2 :
Make one more structure like the previous structure and add both with the help of a short rectangular plate as shown in image to create the base of the Humanoid.

Step 3 :
Now take four short L and add these all on the base. These will act like the legs of your Humanoid.

Step 4 :
Take a Long rectangular plate & fix it over the 4 short Ls

Step 5 :
Take 1 short rectangular plate &1 L Angle . Add both as in image below. Make 2 such structures.

Step 6 :
Now add both these structures over the long rectangular plate.

Step 7 :
Take 1 short U, 1 Big round gear, 1 square plate & 3 hole connector and make an assembly as shown below. 

Step 8 :
Take 1 motor, 1 short rectangle plate and 1 mini gear. Fix the motor to the square plate with axle lock using fillers & mini gear.

Step 9 :
Add the pieces made in Step 7 and Step 8  with one another as shown in image. This will act as 1 arm of your Humanoid. Make 1 more arm in similar way.

Step 10 :
Now add both arms to both sides of a Long L & the shoulders of your Humanoid are ready!

Step 11 :
Fix the shoulders to the base structure and you will find that your robot has started looking like a Humanoid.   

Step 12 :
Let's make the head of the Humanoid! Add 1 L angle, 1 square plate and 1 short rectangular plate as shown in the image below. 

Step 13 :
Take 2 flexible strip, bend them & connect them with a short U as shown in the image.

Step 14 :
Fix the structure made in Step 13 behind the head (made in Step 12) . Make the eyes & mouth with help of 2 small gears & 2 rack gears. You can fix the gears with help of 3 inch axle shaft as shown in the image

Step 15 :
Now attach a Long L to the back of the head of robot with the short U.

Step 16 :

Now mount that head over the body as shown in image & fix it with Nuts & Bolts.

Step 17 :

Attach the FULL Brain & connect motors with the brain & your humanoid is ready to run on your indication.

Stay tuned for more such tutorials! :)

Akshay Kumar
Robotics Expert 

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