International Robotronics Challenge I School League 2016-17

There is nothing less amazing than to see how children can tackle the real world problems skilfully. International Robotronics Challenge (IRC) League , now entering its 7th year, is an International platform where students get to test waters and prove their mettle in this space through Robotics. 

Last 6 years have been an incredible journey for us with plethora of learnings and memories. Past IRCs have helped us make this challenge bigger and better. After organizing Internationals in USA and Singapore respectively since last 2 seasons, this year's International will be held at the land of Technology Superpower - CHINA!

IRC League 2016-17 will witness 13 Qualifiers all across India to choose the final 40 teams at the 3 levels for the Nationals to be held on 10th December 2016 at The Heritage School, Gurugram. The winners of the Nationals will get to win a sponsored trip abroad and compete with the International teams.

IRC League 2016-17 : #YouAreTheChange

Yes! That's the theme for this season. Because we believe any change starts with YOU and it's your persistence and grit that can help you in driving the change and accomplishing it. Students will work on solving real life problems gripping the world using their Robots.  Each team has to build 2 Robots and perform the defined tasks / solutions in a limited time on the arena. 

Challenge Levels
There are 3 different Levels in this challenge with 3 different theme based Problem statements 
  • Junior Level ( Grades IV - VI) : Journey to the Moon. View here 
  • Middle Level( Grades VII - IX) : Mission Save Trees. View Here
  • Senior Level ( Grades X - XIIi) : Project Waste Management . View Here

IRC Qualifiers Schedule : 
The first Qualifier will be held on 18th october 2016 at Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram. For complete schedule, click here

In any Qualifier, maximum 5 teams can register for any level from a single School. A team should consist of minimum 2 members and maximum 4.  Registration fee is 1600 INR. You can register your team online here 

IRC Kits:
Robots need to built from the Avishkaar Box IRC Kits only. One can purchase the kit from here. Free training is being provided for each Qualifier. 

This year, the most challenging part of the competition for students will be to figure out how to build Robots that can perform a multiple number of tasks in an efficient manner as time is limited.The students would have to go through 5 to 15 different prototype designs, analyze its pros and cons, and work out the details.

Good Luck to all the teams ! The IRC League Juggernaut is going to roll soon! 

Swati Gupta Swati Gupta

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