IRC School League 2016-17 I Middle Level

Problem Statement

To build a pair of Robots (wired or wireless) out of Avishkaar kits that can carry Afforestation, transplantation and prevent deforestation.

Problem Description:

The arena has a setting of a forest next to a city. The different kinds of tasks involve transplantation of trees from cities to the forest, stopping forest fires, monitoring of fertilizer and water levels in the forest amongst many other tasks. Your team will have to create two robots that can perform all the above tasks working in tandem. There is a one design restriction on the Robots - they have to be one single unit that dismantles at the time of the start of arena run. 

To read about the details on the Robots, tasks and Scoring, log on to  

Download Arena for Print
If you wish to practice at your School or home to get a grip on the Problem Statemnet, you can get the arena printed from any of your local printers nearby. The print file is available at

Rules and Regulations

  • The length & width of the arena is 8 feet x 10 feet.
  • Arena is placed on the ground within a frame boundary (made out of EVA)
  • motherBot will be kept on any of the Start Areas of the participant’s choice.
  • babyBot will be placed inside the motherBot at the start of the arena run.
  • All the props are of the suggestive shapes made either out of Avishkaar kits or EVA sheets.
  • All the props are described in great details below.
Hint Video

Schedule for the Qualifiers

Registration fee per qualifier is Rs. 1600. Teams can register at

Incase of any further query, you can drop us an email at [email protected]
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