Announcing the winners of the KYI Challenge!

Thank you for the overwhelming response to the Know Your India Challenge. When we published our first post on KYI Challenge, we did not anticipate that we will end up having 965 people with full scores in this challenge. It made things tough for us to choose the Lucky 5 winners :) The last 3 days witnessed a surge in the number of challenge takers.

Lucky 5 Winners
These are the 5 winners chosen on the basis of the Lucky Draw. 
  1. Ruchir Goyal
  2. Himanshu
  3. Daksh Jain
  4. Anshu 
  5. Prince Kumar 

Winning Prize
The winners will be getting exciting merchandise from Avishkaar Box - a cool T-shirt, a sturdy goodie Bag and a compact 2017 Diary.

Claiming your Prize

That's it! Thank you Once Again!
Thank you once again for participating and encouraging us to keep coming up with such online contest and challenges. If you have any feedback or suggestion to provide, please feel free to write into us at [email protected]. We strongly believe that you, as a community, are a strong driving force for our initiatives. So we'll wait for your mail and do keep in touch. Keep an eye out for our next challenge. 

Till then,
Happy Inventing!

Swati Gupta Swati Gupta
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