How much do you know your India?

Yet another Republic Day of India is impending - 26th January 2017. For many, it's the day their country became a sovereign nation. For some, it means being glued in front of the TV and watching the parade in action. Then there are those, who look at it as just another holiday to sleep in till late or plan an outing with family and friends. But undoubtedly this day exudes a patriotic fervor and makes every individual feel proud for Indian culture, languages, social norms, traditions, customs, religions and distinctiveness.

Bharat Ratna in the shape of a Peepal Leaf
But have we ever pondered on how much you we know about our country INDIA? Every Republic Day, the internet is spewed with information on the history of Republic Day - what happened when and who did what.  By knowing India, we do not mean the longitude and the latitude, neither the recollection of historical dates. But the fundamental interesting facts which lend the uniqueness to this great country. For instance Have you ever wondered why is Bharat Ratna in the shape of a peepal leaf? or Which is our National Tree? 

So we thought of coming us with this Quiz called Know Your India (KYI). This is an easy 2 minutes quiz to check how much are you are aware of India and its happenings (Get your KYI score too!) 5 Lucky WINNERS (who score full) will get Merchandise from Avishkaar Box -  T Shirt, a bag and a diary.

Know Your India Quiz
So log on to Know Your India Quiz page to get your KYI Score.  Take a moment to see how much you might already know about the nation of India, and learn more!

Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below. 

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